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6 Questions to Ask Before Getting Dentures

6 Questions to Ask Before Getting Dentures

Are you missing most or all of your teeth? Consider dentures as a solution to enhance your smile's appearance, function, and feel. 

You can achieve a complete and beautiful smile with removable dentures. Choosing to get dentures is a major decision, and our dentists understand the importance of having the necessary information to make the right choice.

Whether you're missing a few teeth or an entire set, we offer custom full or partial dentures at Hometown Family Dental Centers in Fayetteville, Raeford, and Vass, North Carolina, and they can change your life. This blog aims to help you ask the right questions about getting dentures.

1. How do dentures work?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that fill in the empty spaces in your smile. Traditional dentures are carefully crafted from soft, gum-colored plastic paired with a natural-looking, sturdy resin material, ensuring a custom look and fit for each patient's unique oral anatomy. 

Dentures can sit directly over your gum tissue and may be held in place with metal clasps. For extra stability, we can securely attach them to implants.

2. What kinds of dentures are available?

Choose between full or partial dentures based on the number of teeth you’re missing. Full dentures are complete arches of prosthetic teeth that replace all missing top or bottom teeth. Partial dentures are sets of prosthetic teeth that fill in the gaps caused by multiple missing teeth.

The ideal denture for you depends on factors like your dental health, bone structure, specific requirements, personal preferences, and the number of missing teeth.

3. How do I know if dentures are right for me?

Designed for a comfortable fit, natural feel, and seamless appearance, dentures offer a range of options, and we understand that choosing the right tooth replacement can be overwhelming. That's why our expert dentists thoroughly examine your mouth and explain the choices available to you.

Each person's dental challenges are unique, and what works for one may not work for another. If your oral health is severely compromised, dentures could be a better option than repairing individual problematic teeth. 

4. What happens if I don’t get dentures?

Neglecting to get a partial denture when you have a few missing teeth can lead to various oral issues. Your remaining teeth may shift out of place and become misaligned. You could have trouble properly chewing your food or may notice some speaking problems.

Missing all or most of your teeth can make basic eating challenging, compromising your diet and the essential nutrition you need. Having many missing teeth can alter your facial appearance and make speaking a struggle, harming your self-esteem.

5. How long does it take to adjust to dentures?

Becoming accustomed to wearing dentures varies depending on the type of dentures you choose. Typically, patients can expect a period of a few weeks to a couple of months to fully adjust and have them feel natural while eating and speaking.

To ensure a smooth transition, our dentists provide patients with valuable tips, tricks, techniques for wearing dentures, recommendations for denture adhesive products, and proper care instructions.

6. How long do dentures last?

Dentures are designed to stand the test of time, but they do require regular maintenance. Over time, wear-and-tear can take a toll on your dentures, and your mouth naturally changes as you age. 

As your jawbone and muscles evolve, it's important to stay on top of adjustments and replacements to ensure a comfortable and natural fit. Whether you need a simple denture adjustment or a brand new set, we're here to help you maintain a confident smile.

Dentures from Hometown Family Dental Centers can transform your life. Experience the long-term solution to missing teeth with dentures that fit snugly inside your mouth and give you something to smile about. Call the office near you, or request an appointment online to take the first step.

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