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I'm Nervous About Going to the Dentist: Can You Help?

I'm Nervous About Going to the Dentist: Can You Help?

Your body detects fear to protect you from danger, but this fear sometimes has unintended negative consequences. If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, you may avoid checkups and cleanings, putting your oral health at risk.

Many patients are nervous about visiting the dentist. At Hometown Family Dental Centers — with locations in Raeford, Vass, and Fayetteville, North Carolina — we provide various sedation dentistry options to ensure you’re completely comfortable during your dental procedures. 

Visiting the dentist is a part of a healthy lifestyle. We recommend regular checkups twice a year for optimal oral health. If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, even for regular cleanings, there are some ways to fight the phobia.

Expressing dental phobia

Being nervous about visiting the dentist is understandable. Even if you’re not planning any major treatment, you still rely on your providers to gently treat sensitive teeth. You may feel like you’re at the mercy of the hygienist or dentist, which causes uncomfortable feelings. Symptoms of dental anxiety include:

Everyone experiences fear and anxiety differently, but what all anxious patients have in common is that they suffer mentally and physically from the situation.

Tips to overcome your dental anxiety

The Hometown Family Dental Centers team wants to do everything we can to relieve your dental anxiety and prevent discomfort. You can do some things to help yourself, too.

Feel confident and comfortable with your dentist

Trusting your dentist can ease your fearful concerns. Our specially trained dental experts take great care in providing comfort for anxious patients. We create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere where you feel calm.

Ask for detailed explanations about what we plan to do during your treatment so you can bring your dental fear to a reasonable level. Discussing hand signals before treatment also helps you feel more in control over the situation, knowing that you can stop for a break if something becomes too overwhelming for you.

Use music for a calming effect

Relaxation is important for overcoming dental phobia. You create a pleasant, familiar atmosphere if you play your favorite songs during the treatment. Another positive side effect is that the music mutes noises from the treatment that you may find unpleasant.

Visit a therapist

Consider visiting a therapist to learn simple relaxation exercises you can do before and during your dental office visit. A therapist can also discuss ways to help you overcome your fear of visiting the dentist.

No fear using sedation dentistry

Our entire team approaches your treatment with care and understanding of what you might find to be a stressful situation. As part of your dental treatment at Hometown Family Dental Centers, you can request sedation. We offer:

All three kinds of sedatives are safe for children and adults. 

Our compassionate staff delivers reassurance and top-quality care in a relaxing environment, whatever your dental needs. Call us today at the location near you or request an appointment online.

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