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What Can I Do to Prepare for a Surgical Extraction?

What Can I Do to Prepare for a Surgical Extraction?

Do you need a tooth removed? The prospect of undergoing a surgical extraction can be daunting, and it's completely normal to feel a little anxious about it. Understanding the process and knowing how to prepare can help ensure your procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Trust the experts at Hometown Family Dental Centers. With convenient locations in Fayetteville, Raeford, and Vass, North Carolina, we offer top-notch services for the whole family, including sedation dentistry. Our experienced staff ensures your comfort and relaxation throughout the extraction process. 

In some instances, removing a tooth is the best way to maintain good oral health. We understand that the idea of a tooth extraction can be scary. That's why we provide compassionate care and give you clear instructions before and after the procedure.

How can I prepare for a surgical extraction?

Compared to a simple tooth extraction, a surgical extraction is more intricate and involved. This usually occurs when a tooth is difficult to remove due to incomplete eruption — such as with some wisdom teeth — or breakage at the gum line. 

During the procedure, your oral surgeon makes a small incision into your gum to remove the broken or impacted tooth. Although it may seem frightening, remember that you'll be anesthetized and won't feel any pain during the extraction.

To ensure your surgical extraction goes smoothly, follow these tips:

Mind your meals

Remember to stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal the night before your surgery, but don’t consume food or beverages for at least six hours before your surgical procedure. Anesthesia can cause nausea and vomiting for some individuals. 

Dress comfortably

On the day of the procedure, wear loose and comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing jewelry and makeup. If you have long hair, consider tying it back to keep it out of the way.

What should I do if I'm feeling nervous?

It's perfectly normal to feel nervous before a surgical extraction. Talk to your dentist about your concerns. We can provide reassurances, and we offer several sedation options to help you relax.

The benefits of being prepared

Being well-prepared for your surgical extraction can make the process less stressful and more comfortable. It can also reduce the risk of complications and promote faster healing. Remember, the Hometown Family Dental Centers team is here to help you prepare and to ease your worries.

We provide instructions on how to care for the extraction site after surgery, too. This might involve taking pain medication to ease discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, rinsing your mouth with a saline solution, and eating soft foods for a few days as your surgical site heals. 

Follow your doctor's instructions closely to help reduce discomfort and ensure proper healing. Your doctor will likely schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure proper healing. During this visit, they inspect the extraction site to ensure there are no signs of infection. 

We hope this guide alleviates your worries about your upcoming surgical extraction. Feeling a little nervous is perfectly OK, but rest assured that you're in good hands at Hometown Family Dental Centers. When you need a tooth removed, call us at the nearest office or request an appointment online.

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